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Local and International Travel Checklist [Printable Checklist]

One of the major mistake most of us make when preparing to travel is either over-pack or under-pack.

You will find that you may pack items that are irrelevant to your trip and miss those that are necessary and essential for the journey. For you to overcome such an oversight, you need to have a guided travel checklist.

A travel checklist is a list of items required, things to be done, or points to be considered or used as a reminder for your travels. A checklist is used to reduce failure by compensating for potential limits of human memory and attention. It helps to ensure consistency and completeness in carrying out a task.

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Travel Checklist Guideline

By following this travel checklist guideline, you will not have to go without some of the necessary items just because you left them behind or running extra cost of buying new ones. Read on to find out what you need.

1.Choosing the right luggage

Your luggage is the highest priority in your checklist. Select the right luggage that will not give you problems in the middle of your travel.

travel checklist

Good luggage is one with sufficient interior and which can expand as well. Another thing you should consider having is the right carry-on bag for your personal items to separate them from your clothes.

2.Basic Essentials

The basic essentials are those items that you cannot do without, and those that do not define the type of the trip. Whichever the trip, and for what purpose, you will have to include these items. These essential items will differ from an individual. However, there are those that are universal for anyone. Such items are:

Cell phone

No matter where you go you will need to communicate.

Travel documents

A passport for identification when traveling abroad is a must, a visa, health insurance documents, travel insurance documents, travel tickets, reservation documents and any other document you may need during your travel.


A wallet that has sufficient space for some cash, identification document, credit cards, a passport photo (if necessary), and anything else you might think is necessary to put in your wallet. Check out this really great Travel Money Belt with built-in RFID Block

Clothing accessories

The accessories include underwear, belt, handkerchief, tie, scarf, and other essentials.

3. Clothes

The choice of your clothing will depend on the type of your trip whether it is a business trip or a leisure trip. Nevertheless, there are some basic items of clothing that will not change no matter the kind of trip you take.

Travel checklist clothes


The choice of the jacket will depend on where you are going and the time of the season. Even if you think you won't need a jacket or coat where you're going, just carry a really light one that doesn't take too much space. You never know when it will come in handy. A clever trick is to carry one that can double up as a shirt.

Business clothing/ Attire

The kind of trip will define what to carry for your business clothing. Remember deciding on a full suit choice will add extras such as shoes to match, tie, socks/stockings, and belt. You may decide to forego the full suit and choose business casual clothing that wouldn’t limit you on accessories.

Casual clothing

Pack what you may need to wear when going shopping or excursion around the area. If possible choose to pack wrinkle-free fabric clothes and which can air-cool easily and dry quickly.


Besides casual business shoes, you may need to carry an extra comfortable pair for your excursion. You might need to combine this choice of shoes with your travel shoes to lessen the number you carry.


Sandals are necessary for your bathroom and also when relaxing in your room or tent or camper van.

4. Other clothing and non-clothing essentials

Depending on the area, you are visiting and the weather, you might need to carry a wide brim hat, gloves, scarf, and umbrella. You may also need to consider bringing the following items along with you:


Whether it is a one-day trip or multi-day trip, you may need to carry detergents and other washing materials.

A handbag or Day-pack

When going out shopping or excursion, you might need a handbag or day-pack to carry the few items you might bring along or end up purchasing. Remember to pack one for such a time. This could also double up as your carry-on luggage.

5. Personal Items

There are some small items that you can easily forget, and yet they are convenient. Since every one would have different items under this category, these are the general ones that anyone would need.

Personal items


Most hotels provide towels. However, having one extra is alright just in case you might need it. On the hand, if you're camping, couch surfing or even staying at a friend’s or with family, there is no guarantee that they'll always have an extra one for you. You don't have to carry a heavy towel but any piece of material that can work as one like a kikoi


Your toiletry bag should contain essential items since you don’t need to take more space with unnecessary items. Such items are (but not limited to) shampoo, bar soap, nail clippers, shaving items, toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, mouthwash, lip gloss, a comb, and your make-up items.

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Needle and thread kit

These are very necessary for minor mending or repairs. You could also carry super glue, safety pins or anything else that can be used to mend something in case you need to.

Medicine kit

Don’t forget to carry your prescription medicine if any, OTC medicine like Ibuprofen, something for nausea and motion sickness. Include also first aid items like bandages, antibiotic gel, and anesthetic spray in case of an injury.


If you wear glasses, you might need to carry that extra one you have in case of breakage or contact lens if that is what you use. Include also sunglasses for eye protection against sun glare when moving around or driving for sightseeing.

Others items - gender-related

Perfume or cologne, sunscreen, night kit, insect repellent, tissues, sanitary towels and anything you personally need to include in this category.

6. Gadgets

Gadgets come in handy in a lot of situations like when you need to pass time waiting for your transportation or to kill your boredom or loneliness but be careful to carry only what is necessary and leave out what you can do without. Such items are:

  • Cell phone + the charger
  • Laptop, electrical converter, and an adapter
  • Digital camera + the charger
  • A tablet pre-loaded with eBooks, movies, and music + the charger
  • One or two books
  • Writing material
  • A multi-tool is necessary for eventualities

Final Word

Your packing will be determined by the two main ‘Ds’ - destination and the duration. Nevertheless, this travel checklist should be your guideline to what you might need.

You will find some of the listed items unnecessary for your travel. If that is the case then, you should leave those behind. Still, you might remember other items that are not included in this checklist, add them to your list.

If you find this helpful and you would like to share your experience, leave your comment on the section below.

Bon voyage and best of luck!

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