Best Hydration Pack for Mountain Biking and Hiking

10 Best Hydration Pack for Mountain Biking and Hiking in 2020 (Reviews)

The hydration pack was born out of the experience of bikers and runners not having enough water to drink at the time they needed it most.

Powering the pedals across the mountains makes your body dehydrate really quickly, and unless you have enough water on hand, you will have rough time getting a suitable water source from atop the mountain.

This is why having the best hydration pack for mountain biking will keep your body hydrated, and ensure that your energy doesn’t die too quickly. Most hydration packs have enough space to pack other extras such as the food and essential tools.

To help you out, we evaluated 27 options that are popular among mountain bikers, hikers, and runners, and narrowed down to the 10 best hydration packs for mountain bike racing.

10 Best Hydration Pack for Mountain Biking and Hiking

1. Teton Sports Oasis 1100 2L Hydration Backpack

Teton Sports Oasis Hydration Backpack is ideal for all your outdoor activities. With its comfortable backpack that you can adjust to your size, it is light to carry making it the best companion for anyone who is adventurous.

With its 2-liter BPA free hydration bladder and its bite valve that has a push-lock you are geared to have an uninterrupted adventure. The bladder’s opening is wide enough for easy cleaning, refill, or that long swig after the long tiring hike.

The backpack fits comfortably for any user due to its easy adjustments. The straps have been taped in high-density foam to give the user a comfortable carry and for hours.

The backpack has large pockets that are strategically set for easy access to your stuff whenever you need them. In case you need to bring your helmet for your mountain climbing, there is a bungee cord system for that as well.

It has a sewn-in cover stored at the bottom of the pack to keep your bag free from rain or dust.

Con: The only negative thing about this hydration pack is that the backpack’s zippers break easily, therefore you need to be careful while closing them. Apart from that, it is one of the best hydration pack.

2. Unigear Tactical Hydration Pack Backpack 900D with 2.5L Bladder

The Unigear Tactical Hydration backpack is ideal for outdoor activities. It is the best hydration pack for mountain biking. It carries 2.5 liters of water allowing you sufficient time during your adventures without going for a refill with the weight of 22 oz and a size of 19 x 10 x 1.5 inches.

It is a backpack for anyone, from kids to adults thanks to its adjustable chest and shoulder straps. It can fit a kid with a chest width of 27 inches up to an adult of 50 inches. It also has a buckle for a whistle for alerts during an emergency.

Its 2.5-liter water carrying bladder is replaceable for the durability of your backpack.

The backpack has pockets, two in the front where you can carry your stuff and a clip for your keys.

It has an allowance of 100% satisfaction guarantee of 60 days.

Con: The only drawback is that you need to be careful to close the lid tightly because there is a chance it can leak.

3. Mubasel Gear Insulated Hydration Backpack with 2L BPA Free Bladder

It is a lightweight backpack with 2 liters BPA bladder that is of food grade. The bag made from nylon material is of high quality and durable.

The backpack is quite spacious comprising of three storage compartments that can fit your change of clothes and other stuff due to the stretchable mesh pockets.

It has a wide opening for a large swig of drink when thirsty but, it is 100% leakage proof. The opening is also ideal when you want to add in ice cubes and for easy washing.

What's more, you get to enjoy your cool drink thanks to its thermal insulation that keeps it cool. 

Also, you don't have to worry about your personal items getting soaked due to bad weather since the backpack is designed to be 100% waterproof.  

4. Miracol Hydration Backpack with 2L Water Bladder

If you are looking for a hydration backpack that can keep your cold water at the right temperature and for your entire activity time of about 4 hours, you’ve got it now.

Miracol hydration backpack is thermal insulated and therefore can maintain the cold temperature for not less than 4 hours. It is therefore ideal for a vigorous outdoor activity which calls for cold water. This is undoubtedly the best hydration pack for skiing.

The 2L bladder which is made from EVA material is BPA free, and also FDA approved. No worry about toxins! The bladder is sturdy and durable, and yet it is replaceable when it is worn out.

With a diameter of 3.1 inches, the opening is wide enough with a screw cap to seal it from leakage. You can easily pour in water, drop in some ice cubes or drink right from it.

Along with your water, you can carry other necessities in your backpack, thanks to extra compartments and pockets.

Con: A slight drawback with this hydration pack is the tube or the sucking valve which sometimes jams and needs extra biting to draw in water. Otherwise, all other features work perfectly well.

5. Live Infinitely Hydration Backpack 2L/3L TPU Leak Proof Water Bladder

This hydration backpack is a recipient of 3 American Business Awards – Stevie Awards as the best hydration pack for hiking 2017 and Award Winning Customer Service. What does this mean? It means that it is a recognizable hydration pack of good quality.

The bladder is of TPU which is a good quality of BPA-free plastic and silicone. For this reason, it has been approved by FDA as a safe hydration pack.

It comes in two sizes of 2L and 3L whichever would suit you. The opening is wide at 3.5 inches for easy cleaning and filling it up with water, and also if you need to add ice cubes.

It has a shut-off sliding valve, a tube insulated with neoprene with a bite valve of silicone.

The backpack is of the polyester material of 600D which is durable and water resistance. It has an earphone jack whereby you can keep your phone safely inside while enjoying your music. It also has other pockets to stash in your valuables and other belongings.

This pack is one of the best hydration pack for hiking and cycling. A big plus for it is that it comes with 100% satisfaction guarantee and 1-year unlimited warranty.

6. CamelBak Mil-Tax HydroBack Hydration Pack 1.5L / 50 oz

This hydration pack will give you peace of mind. It is BPF-free, BPA-free, and BPS-free. The design can suit all size of body frame but more suitable for small-bodied structures.

You can easily remove the chest strap by un-clipping it whenever you want to remove it from your back.

The backpack is ergonomically designed and shaped to sit well on your back to give you freedom of movement for whichever activity. It has additional external pockets where you can store your essential stuff.

The bladder can hold enough water to last you 1 to 2 hours depending on your consumption which. It includes 1.5-liter antidote reservoir.

Con: The downside of this hydration pack is the straps are a bit rough and can snag at the skin when shirtless or with flimsy wear.

7. Vibrelli Hydration Pack & 2L Hydration Bladder

Why choose Vibrelli Hydration Pack? This type of hydration pack has gone a notch higher and taken your hygiene in to consideration. The bladder which is taste-free is made from medical-grade materials with treatment against microbial.

It stops growing of algae inside the bladder and in its hose making it safe to use at all time. It is also free from PVC and BPA giving you toxins free cleaning drinking water.

The bite-valve can shut off when not in use to prevent from leaking. It has a high flow and a quick hose retainer making it easy to take your drink even in the middle of your outdoor activity.

The compartments of the backpack have been distributed nicely to avoid bulkiness giving it a lightness that is required for an ideal running backpack. It also has a whistle for use in case of emergency and reflective stripes for visibility. This is easily among one of the best hydration packs for raves.

8. Rupumpack Insulated Hydration Backpack with 2.5L BPA Free Bladder

This one is a large capacity hydration pack with insulation layer made from high-quality aluminum that causes it to go all day long with cold liquid to enjoy on your adventures.

The bladder is safe since it is made from EVA material and free from BPA. It has been passed to be safe by the FDA. The bladder has a large opening of 3.4-inch which makes it easy to clean and refill with water even with ice cubes.

The backpack has different compartments for carrying extras like a sweat towel, a hat, a book, or others. The wide waist strips have extra pockets for extra storage. The waist straps, shoulder straps, and the back area are padded with ventilating mesh for comfort and breathability of the pack.

The nylon material used on the backpack makes it water-resistant and easy to wash. It has a clip on the shoulder strap to hold the drinking hose for easy access.

It comes with a 100% money-back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with the product.

9. Outdoor Products Mist Hydration Pack with 2-Liter Reservoir

The Outdoor Products Mist Hydration Pack comes with a cyclone reservoir of 2 liters for ultimate hydration throughout your escapades. The wide-mouth is ideal for easy cleaning and easy fill.

The BPA free reservoir is free of odor and taste making it suitable for clean drinking beverages. With a high-flow bite valve that is twisted shut-off and a quick-connect hose, the bladder with this components fits well in its slot pocket.

The backpack  has its main compartment specifically for the bladder. Another compartment is large enough for a day’s clothing, food, and other gear. The front side pockets are zippered for safekeeping other essentials.

The stretchable side pockets are other storage places for an extra drink or any other gear. The backpack is accentuated with reflectors to let others spot you even in the night with low lighting.

The adjustable shoulder straps are contoured. The waist and sternum straps are elasticized and adjustable for easy carry. The back panel is breathable with the cool mesh for sweat-free backpack carry.

With all the extra storage, this could be one of the best hydration packs for multi day hikes.

10. Diaz Sport Tactical Molle Hydration Pack Backpack with 3L Water Bladder

Experience an exciting adventure with Diaz Sport Tactical Molle Hydration Pack. There is no fun you can miss with this 3-liter bladder that can take you through all your expedition.

With a wide opening and a screw cap, it is easy to wash it and easy to refill it with water, ice cubes or any other liquid without spilling. Also, the screw cap tightens the opening preventing it from leaking.

The backpack fits perfectly on the back since it has adjustable straps. With the tightly worn bag, you can undergo your activities in comfort while keeping the pack on your back.

It has extra storage for your essentials including a molle system attached on the front. The backpack which is made from polyester 600D is durable and sturdy to endure tough and rough activities. The shoulder padding will give you comfortable carry throughout your entire adventure and activities.

The hydration pack comes with a 100%-satisfaction guarantee and a lifetime money-back guarantee. With this kind of warranty, you are confident about the quality of the product.

Con: One slight setback is that the cap for the hose is not tethered and you can quickly lose it if you are not extra careful.


If you are an active person who love the outdoors, a hydration pack will be one of those gears or items that is essential. It is easier to move with it and it frees up your hands to do other things like supporting yourself while you are being active and adventurous.

Hydration backpacks come in many different shapes, form, design and even brand and some are made specifically for certain activities. If you’re a cyclist, you’ll probably be looking for the best hydration pack for mountain biking while someone who loves hiking will be looking for the best hydration pack for hiking.

If you involve you’re kids in you’re adventures, then you’ll probably be looking for the best hydration pack for kids. While most brands make multi-purpose hydration packs, some also make packs suitable for activities from walking, running to mountain biking.

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